The Perfect Nursery Setting for your Baby’s Napping and Sleeping Routine

cellular shades

I’ll first of all start off with saying that I am absolutely no expert. My husband and I have a wonderful 18-month old son named Ryder who by all accounts is one of the easiest going babies out there. Couple that with the fact that I had zero experience with any other babies before him and I’m pretty much the least experienced mother out there. I will however say that I did do A LOT of research about teaching your baby the difference between day and night, how long to sleep baby in your room with you, how many feedings to perform at night, when to let them “cry it out” or not, what sleep sacks are the best, what is the perfect temperature for a nursery, best books to read before bed…well, you get the point.

The Question:
When it was finally time to move Ryder to his own comfy nursery, I wanted to make sure he had the proper light solution on his window. But what exactly is the “perfect” light solution? In my research, I found several articles about a baby’s need for near to total darkness for night time sleep. Apparently, this darkness helps to release the natural melatonin hormone that is crucial in getting a good night of sleep. While this made sense to me, there are also experts that say it is important to nap your child in a room that is only partially dark, as to not confuse them into thinking it is nighttime. Conundrum! What light solution is going to be best to service both of these needs?

The answer:
Day & Night Cellular Shades! Like two shades in one, this unique shade solution allows me to have a sheer, translucent option coupled with a light cancelling one and I get to choose which end to pull up or down to get the right lighting for Ryder’s naps and night time slumber. I was so excited it get these shades installed and even happier when my little man started consistently sleeping through the night and napping 2-2 1/2 solid hours during the day. This perfect solution is happy for baby and happy for mama!
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